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Your Class Officers for 2013-2018
President Aaron Kornblum '93          Vice-President Donna Cain '93
Secretary Kristin Green Morse '93          Treasurer Jennifer Daniels '93

PLEASE PAY YOUR 2015-16 CLASS DUES. ... << SEE "Class Dues" BUTTON AT RIGHT >> which are essential because they aid the class directly in meeting our fixed financial obligations (approx. $12,000 annually). Your $50 basic class dues cover the significant costs of not only:


  • Maintaining our P’93 website, and the social and other activities of the Class, but also
  • Delivering the Princeton Alumni Weekly to you, anywhere in the world, and
  • Supporting programs of the Alumni Council (including its administrative funding of our Class).

Last year only 17.4% members of the class paid dues, and we can do better.  You can send in your $50 or help the class even more by making a $93 "CLUB 93” dues contribution, a decision made last year by 122 – wow! – of our most generous classmates.  You can view their names on this page, below. Help us make that number even bigger this year.  We thank you in advance for considering this option. The Class of 1993 is a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization; your dues payment may be fully tax deductible.  And if your employer matches charitable gifts, please remember to submit your match request to increase your support!


It’s easy to make a payment. Click the Class Dues button at right to make your $50 or $93 dues payment, where you also save the class significant bank transaction fees versus mailing a check.


YOUR CLASS OFFICERS ARE... Serving you into our 25th Reunion (term 2013-2018) are President Aaron Kornblum; Vice President Donna Cain; Secretary Kristin Green Morse; and Treasurer Jennifer Daniels.  Your new Annual Giving Class Agents are Tom Dippel, E.G. Morse, and Elizabeth Friedland Meyer.  Locomotives to outgoing Class Secretary Alison Nixon and Class Agent Steve Abseck – thank you for your service to the class!!



The P’93 Class Steering Committee selected seven new Honorary Classmates and welcomed them in person at our 20th Reunion Tent:

~ Dr.Shirley M. Tilghman P03 h41 h46 h47 h52 … h93, President, Princeton University;
~ Chris L. Eisgruber’83 h67 h68 h93, Provost, Princeton University;
~ Peter J. Carril ’81 h44 h52 h75 h83 h93, former University Basketball Coach;
~ Dorothy R. Werner h93, Coordinator for Class Affairs & Old Guard Reunions;
~ Mibs Southerland Mara h62 h66 h93 h01 h06 h07 K26, Associate Director for Reunions;
~ Marguerite Vera ’79 h83 h93, Associate Director for Class Affairs; and
~ Catherine B. Weber h93, Associate Director, Annual Giving.


WE NEED YOUR NEWS!  Remember to submit your latest news for our column in the Princeton Alumni Weekly Class Notes section.Send your updates and pictures (we want to hear from AND see you) to Class Secretary Kristin Green Morse at

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTSalways are needed to help plan class events. If you’re in the mood for hosting an event in your region, contact Class Vice President Donna Cain at: to get involved.


Last but not least, the class continues to seek technology-minded persons to help lead the class website and P’93 Facebook group. Please write us at:

Other Class Information:
  • We want your news!  Please let our secretary know about your latest happenings - whatever is new - to share in the PAW Class Notes.

    We anticipate continuing updates to the site.  Check back often!

Mr. Stephen S. Abseck
Mr. Li C. An
Ms. Gertrude E. Appling
Mr. Charles H. Attlan
Ms. Charmaine Shryock Bailey
Mr. Matthew M. Bennett
Dr. Melissa Ellis Bennett
Mrs. Laurie R. Blank
Andrew P. Boer, J.D.
Ms. Jessica Colvin Boer
Mr. Andrew M. Bojko
Ms. Silvia Ramirez Briones
Mr. Adam J. Brooks
Ms. Victoria Vogt Brown
Mr. John S. M. Burstein
Miss Donna S. Cain
Dr. David J. Caparrelli
Mr. Sumir Chadha
Mr. Austin B. Clayton
Louisa Bartle Clayton, A.I.A.
Ms. Kristin Jensen Cohen
Ms. Michele M. Cooley
Mr. Denis A. Curran
Mrs. Jennifer A. Daniels
Mr. Jefferson B. Davis
Miss Tracy DeBlieck
Dr. David B. DeGraaff
Gene J. DeMorat, M.D.
Ms. Katherine Denham
Mr. Mitchell J. Derrick
Ms. Caroline Dickey Oberg
Mr. Thomas A. Dippel
Mr. Daniel C. Dodd
Mr. Kevin C. Dutt
Mr. Benjamin W. Edelman
Kimberly McCrudden Erickson, M.D.
Mr. Britt L. Fair
Mr. Roy D. Farmer, III
Mr. Colin P. Fenton
Mr. Daniel S. Fox
Mrs. Alison Freeman
Ms. Andrea K. Freeman
John J. Friedewald, M.D.
Miss Kendra R. Gahagan
Jamie Garelick, Esq.
Mr. Joseph P. Gesue, Jr.
Sarah J. Gladstone, M.D.
Daniel Goldin, M.D.
Jeffrey G. Gossett, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Mr. James E. Graham
Mr. Harry G. Gutheil, III
Ms. Katherine M. Helgerson
Mr. Trevor A. Hill
Ms. Janella T. Hinds
Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs Hoffman
Mr. Mark F. Hoffman
Mr. Nicholas R. Howe
Ms. Anne B. Howell
Ms. Alexandra McLean Jennings
Ezra Jennings, Ph.D.
Catherine S. Kim, Esq.
Mr. J. Bryan King
Ms. Jayci E. Knights
Ms. Judy I. Ko
Mr. Aaron E. Kornblum
Mrs. Stephanie Vititoe Kornblum
Dr. Katharine G. Davidson Lamperti
Mr. Roy I. Lapidus
Mr. Tri H. Le
Dr. Ina Y. Li
Ms. Jenny C. Liu
Mr. Eric A. MacGilvray
Ms. Karen Gould MacGilvray
Mrs. Carrington Cole Madden
Mr. John E. McLean
Mrs. Elizabeth Friedland Meyer
Joshua D. Mezrich, M.D.
Ms. Kimbrel Bunn Morris
Mrs. Suzanne Wishnack Morris
Mr. Robert L. Morse, Jr.
Susan Cleary Morse, Esq.
Mr. Michael M. Moule
Laura Keatley Murphy, M.D.
Mr. Steven M. Myers
Douglas Natelson, Ph.D.
Ms. Kristen B. Natelson
Mr. Shawn P. Naunton
Miss Genevieve S. Nestor
Mr. Edward L. Niu
Mr. Stephen M. Nix
Mrs. Mary Catherine Person
Mrs. Ashley Marsh Pertsemlidis
Lauren Riester Pinchbeck, DVM
Mr. D. Mark Poag
Mary Poag, M.D.
Sarah W. Prager, M.D.
Mr. Peter D. Robinson
Mrs. Markita Andrews Rogers
Christopher A. Ruggiero, Esq.
Mrs. Marianne Hunt Schafstall
Ms. Ellen F. Scott
Dr. Henry T. Shih
Roger D. Singer, Esq.
Mrs. Doris Lee Sohmen-Pao
Mr. Marc S. Sole
Mr. Kenneth J. Stineman
Dr. Naomi R. Sullivan
Mr. Marco A. Tablada
Mr. Thomas J. Tobin
Virginia Goss Tusher, Ph.D.
Mr. John D. Vann, IV
Mr. Alex L. Volckhausen
Mr. Anthony G. Wahl, III
Dr. Lily M. Wang
Mrs. Suzanne Schwieters Wilcox
Anna M. Winfield, M.D.
Mrs. Erin Murphy Wood
Mr. Jason M. Wood
Mr. Robert C. Wrixon
Ms. Christine E. Zandvliet
Dr. Gary D. Zimmer
Mr. Monib Ahmad Tahir Zirvi

Thanks and enjoy!
Aaron E. Kornblum '93

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